Download For Freedom for PC, – Mac / Windows(7/8/9/10)

One of the best strategy games is in available for smartphone users now. The all new strategy game For Freedom which is created by the honorable developers Dragonest. Some Authentic rankers have ranked this game as the strategy game of 2017 so far. The gameplay is so simple you have to build a city. Recruit the four races of Humans, Orcs, Elves and The Darkness. You can launch the attack or you can settle the matter with negotiations. You can control every single unit like you navigate in Google Map. Try to become lord of the mighty dragon and control dragon knights, or be wiped out by the cursed dragons. It’s all up to you.
The longest war in the gaming is still going and there is no chance of the end. The war time period is now more than 10,000 years in the For Freedom. The war is between the ancient dragon ten thousand years ago and the invasion of the cursed legion now. The four races have to bury the hatchet and fight alongside each other against the invaders of their land. However, Elves are wiped out immediately after the outbreak of the war. The world is being manipulated by darkness. There is the magical and unaffectable castle which will be provided to you. So that you will be safe from the dark force. But this comfort zone will not remain so long. You have to make the strategy to defeat the dark force and to spread the sunlight in the world again. Now it depends on you that will you want to play the four races and to achieve victory to save the world. There are some extra appliances which are not in any other strategy game. There is a most comprehensive computerized map which will tell you 100 % accurate location.

For Freedom for PC

Train your army with the latest techniques and equipment’s to make your army undefeatable. There are the amazing missions and official events. Daily quest, Newbie quest, Recommended quest, Random quest. The difficulty varies but the rewards are all amazing. Rare items will appear randomly after you complete quests. You have to put the quest system to good use if you want to turn the tide. That’s all that what you will find in the stunning game For Freedom. As per our topic, we will guide you that how can you download the For Freedom for PC.

Recently, it is launched on the Playstore and Appstore. But you can also play it on windows means you can also play this awesome game on your PC. There is no official way to use this application on your PC, but the good thing is that now we can download and install For Freedom for PC, Mac / Windows(7/8/9/10) through third Party emulators like Bluestacks and Andy. I will prefer to play this game on PC. Follow the instructions below to download the For Freedom for PC.

For Freedom Features:

A bigger world map, the bigger picture
The most intuitive world map ever. Zoom out to look observe the whole world and zoom in to focus on every single battle. There is no dead angle for you. Be ready for enemy’s ambush and allies’ call for help. You can choose either to attack or retreat at any time!

Greatest satisfaction for your desire for war
Let your power speak! Get new technology and train your army. Advanced units offer much more power in your quest for glory! Fight to kill monsters in the wild, plunder resources, conquer rival alliances! There are kingdom wars, cross-server wars and world boss fight! You can even wage a server-wide war that involves thousands of players from all over the world!

Four races offer endless possibilities of unit combination
You can recruit units of Humans, Orcs, Elves and The Darkness in your city, with signature buildings from all the four races providing different city functions. There are more than 16 types of buildings and over 20 distinctive units that have either advantage or disadvantage over each other. You can build your own army in a lot of ways, making it possible for you to defeat your enemy even if you are outnumbered. Strategy plays a crucial role in For Freedom.

How to download and Install For Freedom for PC:

IF you want to play the For Freedom for PC. Then it is so simple, Just follow the following steps

1) Open Bluestacks official site {link}
2) There will be a “Download BlueStacks” at the top right corner. Click on it.
3) The file size will be 324 Mb, This will take a while, Wait for completion.
4) Once the bluestacks downloaded. Open it, Now the procedure is same as to use the Android phone.
5) Enter your Gmail ID. If you don’t have then create a new one.
6) Now the Android screen will appear on bluestacks, open the Playstore from the menu.
7) Type the For Freedom, Hit enter
8) Click on the install button and wait for the completion.
9) That’s all, enjoy the For Freedom for PC

For Freedom for PC

How to download the For Freedom Apk for PC

For downloading the For Freedom Apk for PC. Follow the following simple steps.
1) First, you have to make sure that the emulator like BlueStacks is already installed.
2) Now you have to download the apk file from the browser.
3) Once the download is complete, Double click on that file.
4) The bluestacks will automatically start installing your file.
5) After the installation is completed, Open the For Freedom.
6) That’s all, Enjoy the For Freedom Apk for PC. 

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